According to international art gallery owners her paintings belong to her very own genre. Lousie Hävre’s journey from a childhood filled with violence, addiction and incest to international success has perhaps created one thing more than anything else – perspective.

– Once you find yourself with so many good things in life, it’s only a natural thing to help others, says Lousie Hävre.


An upcoming film depicts your extremely traumatic childhood with addiction, violence and incest. Besides the film you have also shared the story of your brother’s suicide and its consequences in the book named What You Do not See. Tell us how you entered the art scene and how you developed your unique artistic expression.

– There were several important stages really; I lived in Spain and a number of people who were close to me died within a short period of time – at the same time my brother committed suicide in Sweden. Me and my brother share the same dark childhood and it was very difficult for me to lose him.

– I discovered the Catholic Church and in order to get out of the sorrow of my brother’s death, I started painting. My career began by washing brushes and painting the edges around the canvases of an artist in Spain. That taught me how to mix colors.

– I started off by doing a lot of figurative painting, but I was never really satisfied with the result. The good results started coming when I loosened up my work and let go of the fear. A gallerist saw my paintings in 2014. After that, it has continued with art shows in New York, London and so on. I’m so happy and satisfied about how it all has turned out.


Louise Hävre


According to international art gallery owners the style of your paintings is unique. Can you describe what makes your art so special?

– They say my artwork belongs to it’s very own genre and that I move between microcosm and macrocosm. They say my style is a mix of abstract expressionism and collective symbolism. My paintings convey hope and light and have a flow that leaves space for interpretation.

– I would say that my signature is positive emotions, love and light.

– In my paintings I use images such as mirrors, stairs and vaults. These are objects and spaces where you can meet yourself and where you can meet someone who helps you. Walking through doors can symbolize development, but there are really as many interpretations as there are people.


The Vatican 2015 ”It’s like a saga like traveling in time and feeling the wings of history when I exhibit my painting Prosperity, and wandering in the ancient court building that belongs to the Vatican since the 1300s,” Louise Hävre. Read more


You live with your husband Tommy on Öland, Swedens second biggest island, but you also travel a lot. Tell about your everyday life.

– Yes, we live on the island of Öland and also in Rimforsa on the mainland. All paintings are painted in the amazing light here on Öland. I have really found my freedom and harmony on this island.

– I met my husband in 2007 and since then life has just been fantastic. We travel around the world and we have the same fundamental values. In addition to working on my art, I work as a nurse three days a week.

– We are also involved in charity work – these are projects that are very close to my heart and include a lot of work with diabetes, orphanages in Cambodia, the church of Sweden, foster children, unaccompanied refugees and girls who have had a tough time in life. The purpose of painting is to help others and to contribute with financial resources. Once you find yourself with so many good things in life, it’s only a natural thing to help others.



Carousel de Louvre in Paris 2014 ”A delightful experience to be one of those chosen to show paintings at the Carousel de Louvre in Paris. It was a dream that was experienced. ”Louise Hävre. View more paintings 


How was it to confront and deal with all the difficult things that you’ve been trough?

– I have been waiting for the right moment, and I feel that I have moved on. Today I see it as something that can be brought up into the open. I have not gone through this for nothing and I want my experience to do good.

– The book was one way to deal with it. Tommy took all the pictures and then he also made the film in collaboration with musician Göran Kinnander who could really feel my pain.

– Now I am also giving lectures about my experiences. I know there are women, men and children who are, or have been, exposed to very bad things. If you can help someone, it is important to do that.


One dream


You are participating in several international exhibitions during 2018. What’s happening in the future and where can we see your work in future shows?

– I got a good advice from a gallerist – do not cut off with your everyday job. Therefore, I continue to work as a nurse. Regardless of the success with my art, I still feel I want to work as a nurse.

– As for international exhibitions there are exhibitions in Denmark, Portugal and the United States.


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